Fertilization & Weed Control

Green & Clean Lo/No Impact Step Program

Fertilizing & Weed Control?

Paradise Grounds LLC now offers a lo impact/no impact 6-8 step lawn treatment program, that provides wonderful results.

Allow us to treat your lawn with top quality products. Go lo impact, lower your impact on the environment by changing one or two of your traditional treatments. Go no impact, and make all your steps organic, thereby totally eliminating your impact on the environment.

Join us, go green, and look fabulous doing it.

For decades now chemicals have been attempting to mimic and perfect what nature does.
It is now known these short term effects are not good for the long term health or growth of a lawn.
Thanks to D.E.C. pressure, New York State is poised to be one of the first to outlaw the use synthetic fertilizers on school lawns.
Residential lawns will be sure to follow.
Allow us to treat your lawn in the early spring for weeds, fertilize it during the summer, and aerate it during the fall using our Jonathan Green slow release products. Not only will your lawn look great, it will be greener and healthier thanks to its new ability to let its roots grow deep down into the soil. Many lawns have forgotten that is where water and real nutrients are found. Join us, go green, and look fabulous doing it.

Ask about our shrub and perennial fertilizer. 100% organic, slow release forumla, with astounding results.

Traditional & Organic Options:

  • spring fertilizing
  • spring calcium & mineral treatments
  • spring weed control
  • summer fertilizing
  • summer weed control
  • insect & grub control
  • fall fertilizing
  • fall weed control
  • aeration
  • fall over-seeding
  • lawn winterizing
  • deer & rabbit aversion treatments
  • landscape weed control
  • landscape fertilizer
  • landscape insect treatments
  • tick & mosquito treatments